Thanks to its vast experience and investments in information technologies as well as  its strategic partnerships with the world leading technology and software producers, E-Data Technology provides a wide range of solutions and services ranging from network securities to e-mail management.

E-Data Technology is well aware of its responsibility in terms of conscious and efficient use of the limitless resources of the information society in creating a more strengthful and competitive Turkey. To that end, we liason together with all institutions end enterprises that use  “information” to carry out its operations and production. Thus, we create an added value. Our experienced staff  based both in Ankara and İstanbul is there to provide you with low-cost solutions accomodating  the complicated competitive environment of the global economy. 

E-Data Technology currently  continues to support  its nationwide channel network with solution providing business partners with the aim of making  these solutions  more prevalent and localized. We continuously strive to  further develop our efficiency, information security and network solutions that we provide to enterprises ranging from small businesses  to large corporations.